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Description:   This client-server shell scripts will help you monitoring sensors, disks, systems and networks activity. It automates RRD database, graphs, HTML page generation and data collection.

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Mango seek you- ICQ server monitoring It is a server monitoring software using ICQ module of perl . When servers get overload or lack of disk space , it will send ICQ message to warn you . Also, if the server was down , you can see the "server" offline from ...

Mobile Agent based Monitoring System Mobile agent based monitoring system is created using Aglets mobile agent framework, Hyperic SIGAR, MySQL, PHP and apache HTTP server.

Opentor - agentless Monitoring System Opentor Monitor is a network and server monitoring software. The monitoring services use both WMI and ADSI, ensuring that no agent software needs to be installed on the machines you wish to monitor.

PSMON - Process Monitoring Daemon psmon is a *NIX process monitoring daemon which may optionally be run as a standalone program. Allows slaying and respawning of critical processes which die, or exceed pre-determined TTL, concurrent instances and or memory or CPU usage. Supports syslog a

Percival -- Network Monitoring System Percival -- Network Monitoring and Capacity Planning RRDtool frontend. Takes the best of MRTG and Cricket while fixing their problems!.

Pthreads for Embedded Systems A pthreads library for embedded operating systems. Implements the pthreads API using only commonly available OS primitives (e.g. semaphores, tasks) so that the library can easily be ported to almost any RTOS. Currently includes support for DSP/BIOS and P

Python Control Systems Library The Python Control Systems Library, python-control, is a python module that implements basic operations for analysis and design of feedback control systems.

Autocheck Autocheck is a distributed, extensively configurable, systems monitoring tool for unix'es written in Perl. It includes SMS and email notification and a lot of checks.

Pandora FMS: Flexible Monitoring System Pandora FMS is a performance & availability monitoring system, ready for big environments. It uses agents for local monitoring and can do several kinds of remote network monitoring (SNMP v3, TCP checks, remote WMI probes...) Agents works on Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and BSD ...

Groundwork Monitor Community Edition Unified systems monitoring and network management: Nagios(R), Nmap, RRDtool, etc. - integrated in one system administration tool to monitor anything. Also check out GroundWork Monitor Core -- a FREE updated version of GroundWork Monitor with more features, bug fixes and better performance than Community Edition. ...

SystemTracker SerialTracker is a tool for keeping track of machines in terms of serial numbers, asset values, historical tracking of issues, software and other notes. It also tracks IP addresses, aliases, NAT address, hardware configuration and provides themes.

T-HTB manager T-HTB FREE web interface, built in PHP, simple Java Script, Ajax, Nested set model MySQL, rrd graph, create tc command using iptables CLASSIFY

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